RoboSizer Release History August 22th, 2011 -Important update!
-Added support for Comodo Dragon web browser
- Fixes an issue with the registration process that could cause your registration to become invalid. If you are experiencing issues with your registration key, please contact us. August 8th, 2011 - Fixes a bug in the installer that could cause it to hang
contact us. June 27, 2011 - Updated support for Thunderbird v5 June 22, 2011 - Support for Firefox 5 June 13, 2011 - Added update check (Check for new version from the Help menu)
- Extended support for .NET based applications
- Added an option to change tray icon color instead of showing the balloon message during resizing.
- Added application support for QQ, Element Mail, eM client, Quiet Internet Pager. May 10, 2011 - Added profile: iPhone and iPod Touch
Optimized for sending images to an iPhone user. - Added profile: Original Size (Compressed)
This profile will not change the dimensions of your photos but still compress them to reduce file size. This profile is useful if you need to send full-size images for printing purposes. The file size will be reduced by 75-80% while maintaining the original size of your photo. May 6, 2011 - Added support for FlashPeak SlimBrowser May 3, 2011 - Added support for T-Online Browser
- Some changes to the help file April 29, 2011 - Initial Release
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